With us in-studio on this episode is the legendary Ed Terebus to discuss the entertainment of fear and his record-breaking haunted attraction Erebus. Erebus stands as a formidable four-story haunted attraction nestled in Pontiac, Michigan, and is open during the Halloween season. From 2005 to 2009, it held the Guinness World Record for being the largest walk-through haunted attraction. Its chilling origins trace back to the year 2000 when it breathed new life into an abandoned four-story parking garage, dormant for nearly half a century. Prior to Erebus’s arrival, this very structure languished as an indoor junkyard. The visionaries behind this macabre masterpiece are none other than Edward and Jim Terebus, distinguished for their prior ventures into the realm of haunted attractions around the Detroit area. Before Erebus, their expertise was demonstrated through portable haunts constructed within trailers. Complementing Erebus, they also helm the publication Fear Finder—a seasonal beacon that serves as a central nexus for Michigan’s haunted houses, facilitating effortless discovery for the intrigued and the brave-hearted alike.

Buy tickets to Eerebus and check out their other attractions: Making of the Monster, Mythos: Museum of Curiosities & Oddities, and Erebus Escape. 

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Ep 198 - Ed Terebus | Mastering the Art of Fear and Fun at Eerebus

by Ghostly Talk