Ghostly Talk began as a weekly paranormal talk show that started broadcasting in February 2002. The show ended its run on October 18th, 2009. The show was originally started as a project between the core hosts of the show, Doug & Scott L. as an outlet to talk about their experiences and adventures studying the paranormal. The show, from its very beginnings up until its last broadcast in 2009, was a free production for anyone interested to listen to live or in archive form.

When Ghostly Talk ramped down in 2009, Doug and Scott L. agreed that no matter what happened in the future, they wanted to continue to make all of the archived shows of Ghostly Talk available for free to the kind listeners (new and old).

After a 7-year hiatus,  Ghostly Talk decided to rise from the dead in 2016 with a new format, new attitude, and some new voices. Current hosts are Scott L., Bonnie Spittler and Amberrose Hammond.

Doug and Scott L. would like to acknowledge the past Ghostly Talk show hosts that worked in the Haunted Basement Studio and/or The Haunted Winery during Ghostly Talk’s original 8 year run:

Christie “Karma” Baker (2003 – 2004): Christie joined on as a co-host of Ghostly Talk after a lunch conversation with Scott L. We worked with her through 2003 and 2004.

Will Whitmer (2003 – 2006): Will was also with us in the early days and usually present during a lot of our broadcasts in the studio.  Will joined the show in 2003 and worked as the sound engineer/co-host until 2006.