Ghostly Talk is a conversational/unscripted talk show exploring paranormal topics and whatever else gets us excited.

Ghostly Talk History

Let’s travel back to the early days of the internet, back in 2002, when streaming paranormal shows were scarcer than unicorn sightings and the word “podcast” didn’t exist. But there was one show that stood out from the eerie crowd: Ghostly Talk! Hosted by Doug Semig and Scott Lambert from the Detroit area, this show was the ultimate hangout spot for all things paranormal. They talked about their adventures, shared their interests, and brought in some seriously cool guests. From rock stars like Henry Rollins and Dee Snider, UFO experts like Stanton Friedman, Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens to haunted house legends like George Lutz of Amityville fame – Ghostly Talk had them all! The show retired in 2009, but like a ghostly apparition, it came back to life in 2016 with hosts Scott Lambert and Amberrose Hammond. They continue to uncover the mysteries of the supernatural with fascinating interviews, fun discussions, and a sense of humor.

As of January 2024, Scott L. has decided to put down the mic and pursue other interests! Amber will stay on as the ship’s captain and continue to steer Ghostly Talk into the unknown. 

Scott L. and Amber of Ghostly Talk Podcast

Scott L. and Amber have mastered time travel.

Doug and Scott L. would like to acknowledge the past Ghostly Talk show hosts that worked in the Haunted Basement Studio and/or The Haunted Winery during Ghostly Talk’s original 8-year run:

Christie “Karma” Baker (2003 – 2004): Christie joined the show after a lunch conversation with Scott.  Christie worked with us as a co-host from 2003 through 2004.

Will Whitmer (2003 – 2006): Will was also with us in the early days and was usually present during a lot of our broadcasts in the studio.  Will joined the show in 2003 and worked as the sound engineer/co-host until 2006.