Artist and podcast host Chet Zar joined us to talk about the Dark Art Movement. We explore Chet’s art, what Dark Art is really is, and all-around have a really great conversation. Chet also has a background in make-up effects and digital animation and has also done work for the band Tool, Guillermo del Torro, and was encouraged to do his own thing by none other than Clive Barker.

Chet is the host of The Dark Art Society Podcast. Search in your favorite podcast app to listen and subscribe. You can also support both Chet’s work and his podcast at Patreon. Chet’s website has lots of fine art prints of his work available for purchase, along with his lovely book featuring his art. You can also check out an excellent documentary about his life and art called Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters.

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Ep 149 - Chet Zar | The Dark Art Movement

by Ghostly Talk