Ezekial Kincaid, Christian pastor turned horror writer, joins us to talk about why Christianity and the horror genre are the perfect fit and why he decided to make the shift he did. Horror deals with the battle between good and evil, sin, fear, and redemption, all parts of the human condition a pastor like Ezekial had to deal with on a daily basis. We talk about his current and future books, philosophy, and a ghostly vision that came to him in a dream and was possibly the “once living” spirit of one of his characters. Ezekial is the author of the horror-comedy Johnny Walker Ranger Demon Slayer (2020) inspired by his love of Bruce Campbell. He has also contributed to horror anthologies and writes for the websites Horrorbound and Puzzelbox Horror.
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Johnny Walker Ranger Demon Slayer by Ezekiel Kincaid

Bio –
Ezekiel Kincaid brings a unique and original touch to the horror genre. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons. First, he was a pastor for twenty years, so he knows a thing or three about the demonic, death, and dealing with people in crappy situations. Second, the only other language he is fluent in is sarcasm. This means he has a flair for horror-comedy. Third, he also has a serious intellectual side, seeing that he has three theological degrees. He can write deep and thought-provoking horror that will make you question everything and poo your pants at the same time. Finally, Zeke was a child of the ’80s and can do throwback better than you can.  He is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but currently lives in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

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Ep 145 - Ezekiel Kincaid | Pastor to Horror Writer

by Ghostly Talk