We just received word that Stanton T. Friedman has shaken his mortal coil. To call Stanton “old-school” in the study of UFO’s would be stating two equal terms. To try and recap Stanton’s life in this measly post on our little show’s website would do the man a disservice.  All I want to say is when Stanton agreed to come on our show for the first time in July of 2004, Doug and I freaked out.  This was the first time we were nervous to talk to someone being two of his fans and followers for years. Stanton’s vast knowledge, wit, friendliness, and sense of humor were something rarely seen in people in this field. This is what’s made Stanton a legend, forever cemented in our hearts and minds.

The entire Ghostly Talk contingent sends out our endless respect and love to Stanton and his family. Thank you for ALWAYS taking the time to talk to us Stanton, and we will make sure your words are forever immortalized from our little place here in the universe.

Stanton is riddled through our archives.  We have posted our discussions with Stanton from our archives below if you have not heard them.

Stanton T. Friedman on July 11th, 2004

by Ghostly Talk