Keith J. Clark of iDigital Medium joins us to talk about Project St. Peter. What is Project St. Peter? In 1986 The Metascience Foundation (founded by George Meek) was building a “Celestial Broadcast System” – an advanced system of communications.  A telepathic trance medium channeled instructions from the science team in “Heaven” to the research team on “Earth.” The plan was to receive information to assist mankind in our evolution using two pieces of equipment – “Angel I” and “Michael I”. The research project was code-named: “Project St. Peter.” We go through “Lab 1” of the project and try to break down what was happening during these sessions over thirty years ago. Keith will be coming back to go over the other unpublished labs from the project. Were they on to something? Was it real?

Project St. Peter: Lab 1

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Episode 83 - Project St. Peter: Lab 1 Part 1 with Keith J. Clark

by Ghostly Talk