Brandon brings a much needed, fresh perspective with his research into the paranormal, especially in regards to how human emotion influences paranormal experiences. We did a deep dive on this show that anyone who has been involved in paranormal investigation for a long time will appreciate.

Brandon Massullo is a clinical therapist, author, and parapsychologist residing in Northeast Ohio. He has graduate degrees in Clinical Counseling from the University of Toledo and Psychological Research Methods from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. His research at the University of Edinburgh centered on EMFs, Environmental Sensitivity, and ghostly encounters.

Brandon has been fascinated by paranormal phenomena for 20 years and has been a participant and featured speaker in numerous paranormal forums and events, including the Parapsychological Association’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. His research has been cited in parapsychological journals, newspaper articles, and mainstream books. Brandon’s first book The Ghost Studies: New Perspectives of the Origins of Paranormal Experiences combines the thrill of reading real-life ghostly encounters and the satisfaction of new perspectives and insights into the cause of these thrilling encounters. Please visit Brandon’s website for more information.

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Episode 64 - Brandon Massullo - The Ghost Studies: New Perspectives on the Origins of Paranormal Experiences

by Ghostly Talk