If you are new to the show, don’t start with this episode. This is just us inviting friends over and sitting around talking about whatever we feel like. We love having Bud on the show and Bonnie is her usual self. When we brought the show back in 2016, we did a lot of these types of shows in the first year. The freedom of the current podcast environment was awesome. We could say whatever we wanted and go for as long or little as we liked without terrestrial radio restrictions. A lot of people have told us that their favorite part of “Ghostly Talk” was always the first 30 minutes when we just talked about our week. So we thought we’d nix the interviews altogether and “just talk.” 

But we realized we really missed having cool people on the show to interview about their projects, research or whatever they were working on within the realms of the paranormal. We are constantly tweaking the show’s direction, so if you were someone who liked that “first 30 minutes,” enjoy us just rambling. 

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Episode 60 - Friday Night Grab Bag with Bud and Bonnie

by Ghostly Talk