Christmas is that holly jolly time of year where we are all supposed to rejoice and be happy, but with the growth and popularty of Krampus from European folklore in our pop culture to even “Christmas Haunted Houses” to go through, Christmas seems to be taking a darker turn. We talk to fiction author Mark Onspaugh aobut this book, “Christmas Ghost Stories: A Collection of Winter Tales” and what inspired him to explore the supernatural during the holidays. 

Listen to Mark’s supernatural Christmas stories

Mark Onspaugh is a California native and the author of over fifty published short stories. Like many writers, he is perpetually curious, having studied psychology at UCLA, exotic animals at Moorpark College’s EATM program, improv comedy with the Groundlings and special effects makeup with Thomas R. Burman, Rick Baker and Rob Bottin. Mark has also written for film and television. He is the author of “Christmas Ghost Stories: A Collection of Winter Tales,”  featuring well over a dozen stories which can be read alone or sewn together, Onspaugh’s original Christmas ghost stories entertain with supernatural flights of fancy, mysterious creatures and four interwoven fairy tales from the shadowy Black Forest. Nominated for a prestigious Pushcart Prize, writer Onspaugh is delighted to have been compared to his favorite authors Ray Bradbury and Stephen King.

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