In 2016, we resurrected Ghostly Talk from a 2009 hiatus and managed to record 200 episodes of paranormal and off-beat strangeness. After seven years, the original show host, Scott L., has decided to retire from the mic and explore new interests.

But don’t worry, you haven’t heard the last of Ghostly Talk because the show is not retiring. Current co-host Amber will stay on as the ship’s captain and chart a new direction for the show. If there are aspects of our show you loved and don’t want to see change, please drop us an old-fashioned email and share your thoughts! Amber’s brain goes 100 different ways at once so most likely there will be some variation in the show’s content. Interviews, casual hangs, perhaps some scripted tales, or solo storytelling episodes. Who knows! So stay subscribed and stay tuned! We value all our listeners so much and appreciate every stream and download. As always, all of our shows since 2016 are available to stream and the older episodes are all downloadable from our website archives. 

Ep 201 – Scott L. Bids Ye Farewell and Show Update

by Ghostly Talk