It’s that time of the year when many of our workplaces and homes are filled with delicious treats and cookies for the rest of the month. Author and researcher Linda Raedisch explores the darker (and sometimes magical) side of Christmas baking in her latest book, ‘The Secret History of Christmas Baking: Recipes and Stories from Tomb Offerings to Gingerbread Boys.’ We discuss a bunch of fascinating history behind some of our favorite traditional treats, particularly from Europe. Did you know ground-up mummy corpses were used as medicine? Or that Gingerbread cookies could have magical abilities? Linda’s books can be found anywhere books are sold. Give Linda a follow on Instagram! Also, here is the link to the amazing Marzipan Amber was talking about on the show – Niederegger.

Book cover of Linda Raedisch's The Secret History of Christmas Baking

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Ep 200 - Linda Raedisch | Christmas Baking History and Strangeness

by Ghostly Talk