We discuss the aura with author and long-time researcher Jean-Louis de Biasi. Jean-Louis has been studying this for 40+ years and his latest book, Mysteries of the Aura is a fantastic introduction to the field that surrounds all living and even non-living things.

Book Description: 
Reveal the Secrets of the Subtle Body and Your Psychic Ability –
Drawing on Eastern and Western explanations of energy work, this beginner-friendly book teaches how to see and interact with subtle energies. Jean-Louis de Biasi shares nearly forty exercises, both for solo practitioners and couples, to heighten your psychic abilities and give you a new understanding of the levels of reality beyond our own. Mysteries of the Aura takes you further than the usual study of auras, allowing you to not only perceive and work with your invisible bodies, but also to help others. You’ll explore where auras come from, how the elements influence your energies, how aura colors and shapes affect your health, how the aura is connected to Kabbalah, and much more. From healing the subtle bodies to out-of-body experiences, this accessible book expands your awareness in amazing ways.

JEAN-LOUIS DE BIASI (Las Vegas, NV) is an author, lecturer, and philosopher. He has been initiated into the highest degrees of several Western traditions, is the Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis, and G. P. of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross. He is also the author of Esoteric Freemasonry, and The Magical Use of Prayer Beads. For more, visit www.deBiasi.org.

PATRICIA BOURIN (Las Vegas, NV) Patricia Bourin is a breathing coach and a certified yoga teacher with more than fifteen years of practice. She is also the co-author of Mysteries of the Aura. Bourin travels all over the world with her husband, Jean-Louis, and teaches a variety of private classes and yoga workshops. She has studied Western and Eastern spirituality, is a trained expert in gemology, and spent more than a dozen years as a surgical first assistant.

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Ep 193 - Jean-Louis de Biasi | Auras and Energy

by Ghostly Talk