Have you visited Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky? Or is it on your bucket list of haunted places to explore? Our old friends Tonya and Allie Haynes from the Waverly Hills Historical Society stop by to talk about all things Waverly from the history and purpose of the hospital to its current haunted reputation. Check out the Waverly Hills Sanatorium website for tour dates and special events.

Tonya Haynes has worked with Waverly Hills for nearly 20 years. Her interest in the paranormal world started in her childhood, and since then, she’s been involved with paranormal groups such as the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. Currently, she serves as Waverly Hills Sanatorium’s Director of Operations, where she manages events and tours and day-to-day operations.

Allie Haynes has been involved with Waverly Hills Sanatorium in some capacity since 2003, helping the Sanatorium with different roles throughout the years. She started as a volunteer, and since then, Allie has led tours and hosted events, served on the Waverly Hills Historical Society board of directors, and more. Allie has been interested in the paranormal world since childhood and has been searching for more experiences ever since. She currently serves as a human resources consultant for the Waverly Hills Historical Society’s board of directors, the nonprofit organization that manages the Sanatorium and its surrounding grounds.

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