Master storyteller, author, and supernatural researcher James Willis joins us to talk about all things strange in Ohio. We discuss the Loveland Frog, the Oxford Motorcycle ghost, that pentagram situation in Athens, and much more! His new book, “Southern Ohio Legends and Lore” is available on August 15, 2022. Learn more about James at his website My Strange and Spooky World and check out the many books he has written on the strange and unusual in Ohio.

James A. Willis has been walking on the weird side of history for nearly forty years. He’s authored more than a dozen books, including “Central Ohio Legends & Lore,” “Ohio’s Historic Haunts” and “Weird Ohio.” He is the director of the Ghosts of Ohio, a paranormal research group that he founded in 1999, and is a sought-after public speaker. He has also appeared in hundreds of media sources, including CNN, USA Today, Fox Sports and the Astonishing Legends podcast. Willis resides in Ohio, with his wife and daughter and two narcoleptic cats.

Southern Ohio Legends and Lore by James Willis

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