Researcher and director Scott Deschaine joins us again to continue the fascinating discussion of sea-type creatures living in our upper atmosphere. Could life in the sky be a threat? Has it snatched up humans? In shape, UFOs often resemble marine invertebrates. Are some of the UFO sightings around the world actually biological entities similar to squid and jellyfish? We review the Living Sky hypothesis and Scott Deschaine shares many disturbing and creepy stories that will start to make you wonder about what’s living in the sky above.

Check out Scott’s films: “Not Alone – The Life Above” and his latest, “The Cohoke Light.”
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Not Alone - The LIfe Above documentary

The Cohoke Light Documentary
Writer and director Scott Deschaine has helped educate millions of young people and families around the world about a wide range of subjects, including health, safety, conservation, and citizenship. His research into the natural world led him to develop The Living Sky hypothesis for the study of the atmosphere as a habitat. He proposes that a wide variety of life forms may move through Earth’s atmosphere. Deschaine proposes that many so-called Unidentified Flying Objects or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena may actually be organisms similar to those that move through the oceans. His article “The Sky is Alive” was featured in Fortean Times, the world’s foremost journal of strange phenomena. For the celebration of its 40th anniversary, the editors selected it as one of the top 40 articles in the magazine’s history. Deschaine appeared on an episode of The Travel Channel’s “America Declassified” to investigate the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas. The research team found evidence that the lights may actually be bioluminescence from unknown aerial organisms. His award-winning documentary “Not Alone – The Life Above” uses actual footage from many NASA space flights to present the case for atmospheric life.

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Ep 178 - Scott Deschaine | The Living Sky Pt. 2

by Ghostly Talk