Michael Anthony Gagliardi joins us again to share part two of his book series. Michael has experienced the more negative side of the paranormal after having lived with a mother who was demonically possessed. As a child, Michael lived in terror of what his mother would do next. From pouring hot soup on him, beating herself daily with a log, chasing his sister with a butcher knife to setting fires in the house and being institutionalized twice — no child deserves to grow up in a world where this is their reality. Michael has shared his story and life through two books he has written, Devil Take The Hindmost Part 1: A True Story of Terror and Devil Take The Hindmost Part 2: The Aftermath. 

Devil Take the Hindmost Pt 1 A True Tale of Terror

Devil Take the Hindmost Pt 2 The Aftermath

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Ep 173 - Michael Anthony Gagliardi

by Ghostly Talk