We chat with charismatic podcast host, author, and local historian John Brassard Jr about true crime and the paranormal along with legend and lore from the Quad Cities area. We had so much fun talking with John and we hope to have him on the show again. Check out all of John’s books below and listen to his podcast the Kitchen Table Historian.

John Brassard Jr. is an author, host, and podcaster behind the Kitchen Table Historian. He grew up on the stories of America’s past told to him by family and friends. He was always intrigued by the strange and unusual stories that his grandfather and father told him. He decided to turn it into a life-long interest. Since that time, he has authored three books and numerous articles detailing forgotten stories from the nooks and crannies of history. In 2019, John started the Kitchen Table Historian podcast, bringing these weird and wonderful tales into the ears of eager listeners all over the nation.

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Ep 168 - John Brassard Jr. | True Crime and Ghosts

by Ghostly Talk