We thought it fitting to describe this episode after Tonya and Joey’s podcast, “Into the Outer Realms” because that’s exactly where we went during our great conversation with these veteran paranormal investigators, authors, and explorers. We went from ghosts, past life regression to their moment of missing time, and aliens in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the legendary 1966 Mothman sightings. This show has everything!

Tonya and Joey are the authors of Watch Out for the Hallway and their latest, Roommates from Beyond: How to Live in a Haunted Home. Scroll down to see images of the beings Tonya and Joey experienced and make sure to check out their podcast/show Into the Outer Realms.

Roommates From Beyond - How to Live in a Haunted Home by Tonya and Joey Madia

Deer Goat Alien Creature Joey Madia

Alien Creature seen by Tonya Madia

Learn more about the duo at New Mystics and Tonya Madia – Medium. Follow their podcast “Into the Outer Realms.

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Ep 148 - Tonya & Joey Madia | Into the Outer Realms

by Ghostly Talk