Comic artist and author Kat Klockow introduces us to the strange world of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Loveland Frogman, Ohio River Mermaids, Satan’s Hallow, Cincinnati Music Hall, and more creepy and haunted areas are covered during this fun show! Kat Klockow is the editor of the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities comics anthology, a project that seeks to bring together the weird history of the Queen City with the talents of local comic book writers and artists.

Along with her friends Christina and Jen, she also hosts the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities: Hometown Haunts podcast which strives to highlight the strange tales that make up our lives. Kat is the creator of two graphic novel series, the fantasy Witches & Sorcerers and the horror series Spiritus Maximus with RedCat Comics, and published on Line WEBTOON. She is also the author of two haunted history books: Ohio’s Haunted Crimes and Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University with Schiffer Publishing. An ardent lover of the strange and spooky, she is a graduate of Indiana University and Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.

Physical copies of The Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Anthology will be available around January 2021 through

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Ep 143 - Kat Klockow | Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities

by Ghostly Talk