Is it possible the Great Pyramid was actually a massive water pump that generated abundant, clean energy? Author, lecturer, and independent researcher, Steven Myers joined us to talk about these theories concerning the true purpose of one of the planets enduring mysteries. Myers has studied the Great Pyramid for over twenty years to understand how this ancient wonder of the world was built and why. He has written two books on his theories: Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid and The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine.

Steven also founded a nonprofit foundation dedicated to understanding how and why the Great Pyramid was built called The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to redevelop these ancient but advanced technologies to help our modern but troubled world. Steven Myers lives in southwestern Oregon with his wife and two dogs. Visit the foundation’s website to watch videos and learn more. 

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Ep 140 - Steven Myers | The Great Pyramid Water Pump

by Ghostly Talk