Becky Ray is a writer, researcher, and guide for American Hauntings. By day she works as a librarian, and by night she has been actively investigating the unknown for over 35 years. Becky’s knowledge of the paranormal has been featured on NPR, in the Wall Street Journal, and on several local media outlets, including radio, television, and print. Her new book, Kansas City Hauntings: History and Mystery of the Paris of the Plains is out wherever books are sold or directly through her for a signed copy! Ghostly Talk encourages everyone to purchase directly from authors if they can. It helps all of our awesome paranormal researchers and authors continue to do what they do. We’ve known Becky for years so enjoy are very laid pack conversation talking about some of the history, hauntings, and old true crime in Kansas City. Stay tuned to the end of the show to find out what happened to the former Ghostly Talk “Haunted Winery Studio.” 

Kansas City Hauntings History and mystery of the paris of the plains by Becky Ray

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Ep 139 - Becky Ray | Haunted Kansas City

by Ghostly Talk