Remote Viewer Vance West joined us to catch up since his last appearance on the show in 2008!!  Vance is the founder of Trinity Science International (TSI). Initiated in 1999, TSI offers instruction and services utilizing unique skill-sets for problem-solving, unconventional intelligence collection, and all aspects of investigative assessment. Vance currently works within the IT industry where he’s spent the last two decades specializing in Linux based systems, networking, digital forensics, systems, and security administration. He previously spent a decade professionally in the private protection and investigation world, working internationally for celebrities, VIPs, executives & their families. A licensed and certified investigative specialist since 1991, he has subject expertise in surveillance, undercover operations, digital systems forensics, and defensive tactics.

Having first heard of “remote viewing” in 1998, he immediately sought out formal remote viewing instruction and has received training and guidance in both controlled and extended remote viewing from many of today’s top remote viewing instructors and schools, including: PsiTech, the Farsight Institute, Ed Dames, FM Bonsall, David Morehouse, and the Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild. Additionally, he’s has been trained in other “remote viewing” methodologies based on more esoteric meditative practices and kuji-in techniques. In 2003/2004, Vance coined the terms “openRV” and “oRV” to describe his eclectic approach to operational remote viewing application, training, and teaching. Notably, he publicly demonstrated successfully predicting winning lottery numbers multiple times, has been utilized discreetly in many high profile missing persons cases, and has been sourced for several “programs” where unconventional information collection was required. He has appeared on various TV and radio programs to discuss remote viewing and offers professional services and training to those clients, corporations, and law enforcement entities needing information beyond what is conventionally accessible.

Vance has spent his adult life in pursuit of experiences, training, and meeting many notable mentors of diverse thought. It’s this diversity that brings a different perspective and passion for challenging convention that has become Vance’s personal mantra and that of Trinity Science.

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Ep 134 - Vance West | Remote Viewing

by Ghostly Talk