We could all use some positivity right now in the world and what better way than talking about those who watch over us on the other side. We talk to Dr. Michael Terzi on how he came to realize he was speaking and working with guardian angels. Visit Michael online at angelwhisperermichael.com or Follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Dr. Michael Terzi graduated from Western University of Health Sciences and received his Doctorate Degree in Optometry. Because of his science background, he connects spirituality and energy with scientific reasoning. He has always felt the need to help and protect others and for years he worked as a Paramedic and Firefighter where he provided life support, and care to extremely ill and injured patients. Dr. Michael consistently instituted his best practices and emergency therapy needed to save lives and became adept at dealing with various medical emergencies. After Dr. Michael awakened to his Mediumship abilities, he discovered Guardian Angels are always with us. He has an affinity and natural ability to transmute negative energy to positive which aids him in Reiki Healing and he also utilizes this gift to help spirit(s) raise their vibration so they can rise to the light.

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