Brian Jones has been practicing ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) for decades. He has experimented with backward speech and has created his own devices to experiment with. Brian came on the show to talk about his new YouTube Channel, “The Audio-Psychic“, but Brian’s mind runs at 100 mph and we let his stream of consciousness style of talking go, so we aren’t sure if we ever really got to any concrete point. We listened to a few audio clips Brian felt were significant towards the end of the show as well. Links to audio clips below.
“Deny Coffin” Audio Clip
Also available are the links to our very first discussion with Brian when he came on the show with Dr. Stephen Rorke on Monday, October 9th, 2006. This is a very strange show given the anomalies that were experienced by everyone involved (Doug, Scott L, Brian, and Dr. Rorke) during the live broadcast. 

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