The United Kingdom is filled with historical locations and a sometimes bloody and violent past in places. Romans, Saxons, Celtic people and Germanic influence are just a few of the cultures that have led to a diverse fusion of hauntings, myths and ghosts. The United Kingdom is never short on ghosts and David Bone joins us to explore the haunted British Isles. 

David Bone is a graduate of the University of Stirling and holds a BA in Politics.  His writing interests include British and Scottish politics, international relations, ideologies, megatrends, technology, and the paranormal.  His work has been published on the Scotsman Newspaper based in Edinburgh, The BackbencherThe Best of AfricaThe Intern Lunch, Darrow, The Mallard, and the technology site Curious Droid.

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Ep 114 - Hauntings & History in the United Kingdom with David Bone

by Ghostly Talk