From left to right: Scott L., Bonnie & Doug

Trust us. Doug is an elusive creature, sometimes more elusive than Bigfoot. He may actually hang out with Bigfoot, and give him regular tips on how to evade humanity. But for one special night, we coaxed Doug out of hiding and got him to step through his portal to grace us with his otherworldly, wonderful, witty, funny self. For those of you new to the podcast, Doug was one of the original co-hosts from 2002-2009 and his regular appearances have been missed. In this episode, we try to stick to the paranormal a bit, but of course, get sidetracked and end up taking the Bertie Botz Every Flavor Bean challenge to see who gets the disgusting flavors. This is the first time Doug has been to the new podcast unless you count that time we cornered him in his basement at Halloween and interviewed him with a phone. For those who have been with the show since day one, you’ll love this!

Here is the link to the UFO video Scott L. talked about on the show.

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04/06/2018 – Episode 27 – The Return of Doug

by Ghostly Talk